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Our Products

  • Pyramids
  • All Types Of Yantras
  • Positive Energy Circulation Products
  • Navratnas
  • Stones as per birth date

Welcome To Geomagnetic Consultants

As per vastu shastra, we will guide you to organize your industries, commercial establishment, factory, godown, shops /showrooms, hotels & restaurants, corporate office, schools & colleges, hospitals, cinema theatres, malls, gymnesiums, amusment parks, banks and business for success in such a way with objective to provide you propersity, peace and progress…
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Any Problem In Your

    • Industry
    • Commercial Establishment
    • Factory
    • Godown, Shop / Showrooms
    • Apartments / Flats
    • College / Schools
    • Cinema Theaters
    • Hotels / Resorts
    • Hospitals, Residence
    • Banks
    • Gymnesiums
    • Amusment Parks


  1. Pyramid Vastu
  2. Tibetian Vastu
  3. Classical Vastu ( INDIAN )
  4. Special Yantras Therpy

Our Mission Statement

Guidance / consultant & suggestion as per vastushastra for you and we strive to remove the negative geophatic stress and convert it into positive cosmic energy so that any vastu is made positive,progressive & prosperous.


As a leading Indian consultant in the field of vastushastra, we advise clients how to eliminate geopathic stress. We provide consultations to create positive changes in your design. With our valuable services on the ancient environmental science of vastu shastra. You can transform your surroundings and eliminate the effects of geopathic stress while improving your health, happiness and well-being. We let you personally experience the benefits of vastu shastra and make you our happy clients!

Do you believe in Vastu Shastra?

“To achieve harmony with the environment, Vastushastra is practiced since ancient times for the arrangement and placement of the space. Vastushatra is all about energy and the follow of energy and how it detracts or enhances from life.
Our Emperors and Kings have conquered kingdoms and earned fortunes in the ancient world by using various principles of Vastu Shastra and its variations. Our ancients have discovered all the positive aspects of Vastu Shastra and how the placement and layout of physical objects in the environment affects the flow of energy in daily life. This precious art is now easily accessible to all. Our expert Vastu guidance is a door to merry living. We identify good energy and the flow of this positive energy leads to happiness to you, your business and family.
The goal of Vastu is to encourage a natural flow of positive cosmic energy to your Vastu and to be in harmony with the surroundings”

What is Vastu?

Vastu is an ancient study developed by our learned elders thousands of years earlier. It is based on the five basic elements of the universe which are akash (sky), prithvi ( earth ), paani ( water ), agni ( fire ), and vayu ( wind ). Vastu is based on two forces "positive" and "negative" which constantly interact with each other. These forces vary whenever any structure is erected or any object is shifted from one place to another. Construction according to vastu science increases the positive energies which yield more benefits to the people, resulting in a healthy, successful, and peaceful life.

When to get an Industrial/ Residential/ Commercial/ Factory/ Production house Vastu shastra Analysis done ?
If you observe one or many or all of the following signs. You need to get the Vastu Shastra Analysis done and you will be astonished by adopting the remedies we will give you.

  • Industrial or commercial accidents ( fire, theft, etc )
  • Cash flow stoppage
  • Increased liability
  • Unsatisfactory production
  • Unsatisfied workers
  • Increasing debt
  • Continual loss in trades and less orders
  • No growth or prosperity or flourishment of the industry
  • Useless expenditures increase
  • Union problems and layoffs
  • Bad decisions taken due to improper vibrations in the factory
  • Shortage of raw material
  • Legal and lawsuits problems
  • No improvement in spite of hard work and dedication
  • Threat of competition rule out

Vastu for Commercial Establishment :

Vastushastra is the ancient practice of placement and arrangement of space which is to achieve harmony with the environment. It's all about energy, the flow of energy and how it enhances or detracts from life.

Vastu Consultancy :

We offer vastu consultancy for industrial, residential and commercial undertakings such as Selecting prosperous industrial or commercial lands, Expansion and diversification, improving business performance, Reviving sick units, etc.

Vastu Energy Rectification :

We can remove any & every vashu defect by energy treatment methods.

Vastu Energy Analysis Services :

We can analyze the energy levels of the geopathic stress of factories, buildings, residential sites, industrial sites, commercial sites, main buildings, auxiliary buildings, orientation of men, machines, materials & money.

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