Our Offerings

We offer vastu consultancy for industrial, residential & commercial undertakings such as:

  • Selecting prosperous industrial, commercial and residential lands
  • Expansion and diversification
  • Improving business performance
  • Reviving sick units
  • Earlier and smooth disposal of unwanted factories

We provide :
  • Vastu shastra services
  • Commercial vastu shastra
  • Industrial vastu shastra
  • Residential vastu shastra
  • Vedic astrology services
  • Vastu consultancy for home
  • Vastu solutions
  • Apartment vastu
  • Vastu for bedroom and Kitchen
  • Hindu astrology services
  • Indian vedic astrology services
  • Pyramids All Types Of Yantras Positive Energy Circulation Products
  • Navratnas
  • Stones as per birth date

GeoMagnetic Vastu Consultancy

We at GeoMagnetic Consultancy provide you with correct settings on the earth surface so as to derive maximum benefits, astrology prediction services. Our vastu experts not only help you in construction according to vastu but also offer you suggestions to rectify vastu dosh. Industries designed carefully according to vastu shastra principles, help in maintaining balance in the movement of the work. GeoMagnetic Vastu Consultancy will energize your employees and increase your efficiency with a better work atmosphere.

Vastushastra is the ancient practice of placement and arrangement of space which is to achieve harmony with the environment. It's all about energy, the flow of energy and how it enhances or detracts from life. Vastu shastra helps us to make your lives better and will secure you from things going wrong. Astroshastra experts analyze the map sent by you in depth.

The ancients have discovered that the placement and layout of physical objects in the environment affect the flow of energy in daily life. Emperors and kings were using the principles of Vastu Shastra and its variations to earn fortunes and conquer kingdoms in the ancient world. The art of Vastu Shastra is now easily accessible to all of you to know the exact problem areas and how they can affect your life.
GeoMagnetic Vastu experts would suggest the suitable remedies. As our expert Vastu guidance is a door to merry living. We identify good energy and the flow of this positive energy leads to happiness.

We solve all the Vaastu Problems By Resorting To Appropriate Scientific Techniques Drawn From :

  • Pyramid Vastu
    Pyramids are always positive, the positive impacts of it can be fully and properly harnessed if the same is used with perfection. Pyramids can be made handier and more useful for the purpose of improvement in memory, confidence and warding off stresses. The concept of Pyramids is aimed to bring positive impacts with the use of Vaastu Shastra to bring out the best of their users wealth, health, harmony & prosperity. Pyramids of different shape, size and material are recommended to use for different purposes.

  • Tibetian Vastu

  • Classical Vastu ( INDIAN )

  • Special Yantras Therapy
    Vastu Yantras are sacred geometries that are tremendously powerful, emitting positive energy. Yantras have been used since ancient times for healing energies and clearing out negative energies. The Vastu Yantras are made of metals, like Brass, Copper, Gold, Crystals and stones. These Yantras are placed at specific locations in the property premises to bring out peaceful, harmonious outcomes for the atmosphere. Types of Vaastu Yantra -
    • Sampurna Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra
    • Vastu Shree Yantra
    • Vastu Purush / Devata Yantra
    • Vastu Pyramid Yantra
    • Vastu Shanti Yantra