Our Expertise


We offer vastu Consultancy for industrial, residential & commercial undertakings such as:

  • Selecting prosperous industrial, residential & commercial lands
  • Expansion and diversification
  • Improving business performance
  • Reviving sick units
  • Earlier and smooth disposal of unwanted factories

  • Our Industrial, residential & commercial Vastu services include examination of land, layout, design & interior and then through minor changes to create a healthy natural balance in the industrial house, residential space and commercial sites.

    We make plans for your interior decorations as per the vastu rules. We pay attention to minute details of work & requirements of the unit, colors at the workplace for concern of direction and work, type and shape of furnishings and materials used in the decor.


We organize Vaastu Shanti for our clients to remove all kinds of hidden vastu dosha such as Sankatik ( symbolic ). Vaastu Shanti helps to remove all types of vastu dosha whether it's a land and building by nature of environment by vastu shastra worship with avoiding major changes and demolition in the structure of building.


Without touching even a single brick, without any structural alterations. We can analyze & quantify energy levels of the geopathic stress of factories, buildings, industrial sites, residential spaces and commercial sites. We can try to remove if there is any vastu defect by using various energy treatment methods.
Through lecher antenna we empower energy of followings:

  • Vastu Consultants For Factories
  • Vastu Consultants For Educational Institutions
  • Vastu Consultants For Stadiums
  • Vastu Consultants For Shopping Malls
  • Vastu Consultants For Hotels
  • Vastu Consultants For Resorts
  • Vastu Consultants For Multiplex
  • Vastu Consultants For Godowns
  • Vastu Consultants For Commercial Spaces
  • Vastu Consultants For Theaters
  • Vastu Consultants For Hospitals
  • All Types Of Skyscrapers