Vastu For Hospitals

• Length & breath of land & worth of land, nearest road & surrounding trees, atmosphere & shape of land.
• Position of well, boring, underground tank, over head tank& drainage system.

• Part and numbers of buildings
• Which area should be open
• Direction of main gate And entrance
• Direction of reception as well as cash counter
• Appropriate location of emergency & casualty ward
• Appropriate location of ICU
• Appropriate location of maternity ward
• Appropriate location of operation theater
• Direction for store, research unit & laboratory


• Placement & direction of x-ray machine, c.t scan, and other medical equipment
• Location of OPD
• Appropriate direction for cardiology department
• Direction of patient's ward
• Directions of bed in wards
• Which area should be use for staff quarters
• Direction of a temple in compound
• Colors of wards & room or general & private ward
• Which area & direction should be use for lift
• Direction of dispensary as well as chemist shop
• Direction of mortuary
• Appropriate Parking direction for ambulance
• Positions of stairs
• Location of canteen
• Which area should be use for doctors & nurses hostel
• Which area should be use for parking